Mole Control

Indie puzzle game “Mole Control” is a new take on the classic Mine Sweeper game made by Developer Remode (Plymouth Devon, UK). To provide the game with sound, Daan Hendriks and I where hired to forfill this task. TVDL Music did all the music tunes. We recieved very good press comments on the sound and music we did.

What others had to say:
“[...]the game’s music is lively and upbeat[...], it is up there with Plants vs. Zombies in terms of best music for a casual game.”
Go Gaming Giant

[...] Remode aims to please when it comes to the well-placed sound effects and music. The music throughout the game is upbeat and amusing; giving the player the feeling Dr. Kraft’s apprentice isn’t the only one who is on an adventure! Players will also be amused by many of the sound effects that are used in the game, such as the sounds made by the moles when they are captured by the professor’s wacky invention.”

Puzzle Universe

“[...] lovely soundtrack that bounces along delightfully [...]“ 
Resolution Magazine

“[...] catchy soundtrack [...]“
the Gamer Studio

“[...]What makes this game stand out is music and graphics.[...]”

“[...] funky soundtrack [...]”